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History of the school

Records are incomplete but we do know that a school of some kind has existed in Llandaff since the 9th Century and it carried on through the Middle Ages. The School had mixed fortunes during the period up to 1880, at which time the Dean of Llandaff made plans for a school (sadly now demolished) for 50 boys on Cathedral Green in Llandaff village. The School was then established on firm foundations.

A German bomb severely damaged the Cathedral in 1941 and, when restoration work was completed in 1955, the old School building was deemed to be unsuitable. The school, at that time consisting of 190 pupils (all boys) became a member of the Woodard Corporation in 1957 and moved to its current more extensive site in 1958. It has since expanded to several times its original size, now welcoming both girls and boys. 

The Woodard Corporation was founded in 1848 by Priest and educational visionary, Canon Nathaniel Woodard. It is a family of schools - independent and maintained, senior and junior, boarding and day - which all share the founder's vision of a Christian education coupled with a belief in nurturing and enriching each individual. Woodard Schools all provide the highest academic standards but set themselves apart by also offering an unrivalled caring and supportive environment, where every pupil is valued and encouraged to give of their very best.

The Cathedral School has thus established itself as one of the leading schools in Wales, highly respected within the capital city and beyond. Cherishing our close relationship with Llandaff Cathedral, our identity as a Woodard School and our core values of achievement, care, opportunity, ambition and leadership, we look to the future with great confidence.