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Religious Life

As a faith school caring for the religious life of our pupils and staff is integral to our overall aims of making sure they thrive both within and beyond the classroom. We want to celebrate the diversity of faiths and world views that belong to the members of our faith community while staying true to the Christian ethos and vision of our founders.

We have a clear ethos and vision of education.  At the heart of which is a vision of humanity which values deeply the individual, their beliefs and seeks to promote a wider citizenship where each person who leaves us, does so transformed and committed to making our world a better place.   

As Wales' Only Anglican Choir School we are firmly committed to our Christian heritage and traditions. Celebrating faith with integrity, care and respect for the beauty of liturgy is part of who we are and why we were founded many years ago. Daily prayer in the Chapel, classroom or at the Cathedral is part of our lived experience and the way we do this goes a long way to defining what is wonderfully unique about us as we explore what it means to be a vibrant faith community.