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Ecological and environmental focus for Year 11 Biologists

26 September 2014
Ecological and environmental focus for Year 11 Biologists

Year 11 spent last weekend at Margam Field Studies Centre, where they undertook a programme of activities and education covering the Ecology and Environment aspects of the iGCSE in Biology.

Studying lichen distribution in relation to pollution levels, they collected data that contributed to a national study headed by the Natural History Museum. Freshwater invertebrates were investigated, using the kick sampling technique to catch and identify a variety of stream life and mammal trapping took place in the evening, which led to plenty of mice, voles and shrew on their return twelve hours later.

On the final day, the pupils took part in two team building activities and rounded off their ecology experience with a half day in the woods measuring species abundance and diversity. A fantastic time was had by all.

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