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"Small opportunities are often the beginning of great accomplishments."

Every teaching and learning opportunity to enable the child to flourish.

Adults often look back at their school days and see how an opportunity to try something new led to a lifelong interest. It is the job of a good school to provide pupils with as many and varied opportunities as possible so that these seeds of enthusiasm can be planted and nurtured. 

Boys and girls have the opportunity to study, play, perform and grow together. We cherish the immense benefits of co-education. All pupils have the same opportunities in academic study, in music (including becoming Cathedral choristers) and in sport and other activities. Boys and girls have equal representation in leadership positions and opportunities to participate on the sports field, in Music, Art and Drama, as well as in the various subjects of the curriculum. All pupils are encouraged to represent their House in a variety of activities, and to learn team work and collegiality through doing so. There are opportunities for pupils whatever their temperament, interests and abilities.