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What Parents Say

Parental Views Survey, November 2015

Please see the links at the bottom of this page to download full reports from the educational research company Kirkland Rowell, commissioned into the view of our parents on all aspects of the education provided at the Cathedral School. We offer these extensive summaries in a spirit of transparency and against the backdrop of our 'culture of continuous improvement'. We are delighted that there was such a high response rate to the survey, enabling very reliable statistics to be drawn up. We are very pleased indeed that parental satisfaction is so high, and whilst the reports highlight areas for us to improve further, we note that in comparison to other schools we are benchmarked so favourably.

Every year we have many letters of appreciation from parents. A typical example is reproduced below:

I am writing to express my gratitude to you and your staff for the wonderful education and experience X and Y have received at the Cathedral School... I have always regarded it as a credit to the school that, each year, towards the end of the Summer holiday, both X and Y have looked forward to returning to school and talked enthusiastically about their relationships with the staff. I think it is this love of learning, the friendship and the making of new challenges, fostered within the school, which is so valuable. There are many schools in which care and respect for others together with personal responsibility are emphasised in a Mission Statement but the Cathedral School is rare in having these ideals as a genuine part of its ethos.

I am writing to thank everyone at The Cathedral School for the wonderfully happy school years our son has had. As you said at the Commemoration Service, this period will always be with him as a very special time in his life. I know that the school has had a tremendous influence upon him and has shaped his thoughts and personality in so many ways. He has learned a great deal, academically, about sport, and gained a range of life skills as well as the ability to think for himself and engage with what is going on around him. Personally, we have been delighted with the School. We have always been able to work constructively with all the teachers and they have always been totally supportive, extremely professional and approachable. The staff in the office have been so helpful too. It really has been the perfect school for our son and I will always drive past it with a pang that he does not go there anymore but also with the happiness that he was there once!! Wishing you and the school continued success and fulfilment.

As R leaves the Cathedral School we would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for the support and encouragement that has been given to R during his time at the school. Whilst the last two years have been crucial in leading R to achieve success in his exams, he has benefitted enormously from the help and guidance he has received from all of the teaching and support staff throughout his years at the school. We have always believed that education should not just be about academic success and at the Cathedral School, R has been encouraged to develop into a confident, inquisitive and sociable young man. Most importantly to us, R has been happy at school. This would not have been possible without the commitment and enthusiasm of teachers who have provided engaging educational experiences, extra-curricular opportunities and a genuine interest in their subjects and students.

We would like to thank you and all your staff for the care, guidance, support and education that you have provided to our children X and Y. It goes without saying that they have thoroughly enjoyed their time at the Cathedral School. As parents it has been a pleasure and source of great reassurance to see them enjoy their school so much and to embrace the culture and the opportunities that the Cathedral School has to offer. We could not ask for anything more for our children during these crucial formative years. For that we are very grateful. We will all miss the Cathedral School and wish you and all your staff the very best for the future.