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World War I: The Cathedral School Remembers

Our school, like so many others, suffered grievously during the Great War, with 56 of the School's old boys (22% of those who served) laying down their lives for King and Country. Our ex-pupils died in every year of the war and almost every campaign. They died on the Marne and at the First Battle of Ypres in 1914. They gave their lives at Gallipoli, Loos and the Second Battle of Ypres in 1915. They perished on the Somme and in Mesopotamia in 1916, and at Arras, Cambrai, Palestine and the Third Ypres in 1917. In the final year of the war, they lost their lives during the German Offensives in the Spring and in the British attacks that ended the war.

Old Llandavians fought and died as Regulars, Territorials and Kitchener Volunteers, in the Navy and the Royal Flying Corps. Those who died served mostly as officers in infantry battalions, but some were lost in artillery, armour, engineer and medical units. They fell in some of the most famous episodes of the war, from the "Miracle on the Marne" to the charge of the ANZACs at Lone Pine, and from the First Day of the Somme to the slaughters of Mametz Wood and Pilckem Ridge. Lewis D, Year 11 pupil, 2013

The centenary of the First World War has led us to think about the Cathedral School’s Fallen, and to consider how best to commemorate their sacrifice. The result is our World War I Project, the aim of which is to remember them not just as names on the two war memorials, but as the boys they were at Llandaff and the men they became, to bring home to the school community just what it meant to their families and to the country to lose them. Each will be commemorated in school on or as near as possible to the anniversary of his death, and at the end of the centenary a Book of Remembrance will be created.

Each will be commemorated on or as near as possible to the anniversary of his death, both in school and on this website through the links below;  at the end of the centenary a Book of Remembrance will be created.

If your relative is listed below, or if you have information to share about one of these men or about any Old Llandavian who served in WWI, we would very much like to hear from you.

Please contact the Archivist, Louise Mumford, at: archivist@cathedral-school.co.uk


Lieutenant Juan Manuel Aldana

Lieutenant Lionel Raymond Whately Allen

2nd Lieutenant Henry Anthony Birrell-Anthony

2nd Lieutenant James Leslie Braithwaite

Lieutenant Charles Edward William Brewer

2nd Lieutenant John Kenneth Brice-Smith

2nd Lieutenant Hugh Freeth Gilbert Brooksbank

Captain John Harold Courtis

Sergeant John Joseph Cubitt 

Captain Clifford Martin Dunn

Lieutenant Godfrey Leonard Hobart Egremont

Lieutenant John Collen Ensor

Commander Humphrey Finch-Dawson

Major Marmaduke Henry Littledale Gale

Major George Ryding Sankey Gardner

Lieutenant- Colonel Frank Hill Gaskell

2nd Lieutenant Kenneth Macfarlane Gaunt

Lieutenant Kenneth John Macintosh, M.C.

David Mansell Griffiths

Edward Brockett Grover

Lieutenant Kenneth Gunn

Captain John Fitzgerald Gwynne, M.C.

2nd Lieutenant John Reginald Hall

Captain Philip Aubrey Hill

Captain Frederick Leonard Hingston

Lieutenant Victor William John Hobbs

Lieutenant-Commander Martin Arthur Frankland Hood

Charles Ivo Sinclair Hood, Chaplain

Captain George Claude Lathom Insole, M.C.           

Captain Charles Knowles Irvine

Lieutenant Ralph George Jenkins 

2nd Lieutenant Arthur Leslie Gwynne Jones

2nd Lieutenant John Ynys Palfrey Jones

Lieutenant Victor William Valette Lowrie

Captain Arthur Christopher Paul Mackworth

Major Francis Julian Audley Mackworth

Captain William Henry Madden, M.C.

Captain John Edward Marshall

Captain Evelyn Saffery Marshall, M.C.

Captain John Kingsley Lunn Martin

Captain Richard Walter Mullins

Major Basil Frank Nell

Corporal Walter Grosvenor Bertie North

Lieutenant Robert Evelyn Orlebar

Lieutenant Ernest Haddon Owen

Acting Captain Wilfred Roderick Powell

2nd Lieutenant Llewellyn Price-Jones

2nd Lieutenant John Trevor Rees

Major Edward William Crawford Ridgeway

Captain Douglas Parker Robothan

2nd Lieutenant Basil Scott-Holmes

2nd Lieutenant Archibald Vincent Shirley

2nd Lieutenant James Victor Sinnett-Jones

Lieutenant- Colonel Roper Maxwell Tyler, D.S.O.

Captain Richard William Leslie Wain, V.C.

2nd Lieutenant William Ware

Captain Henry Leonard Watts